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I'm sure that I could be a movie star...

..if I could get out of this place.

Parvati Patil
2 February
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Love, love me do..

Gryffindor Alum ~ Fashionista ~ Dept. of International Affairs

As of now in sixwordstories, Parvati Patil is completely CANON. She's 26 years old in both sixwordstories and thedressingroom, but she has a whole different insane plot going on in TDR. Just letting the world know she's canon in SWS. Only because I've honestly never played a Parvati that was canon past 6th year, heh.

[Not real, no profit, not Parvati (she's JRK's), not Adriana (she's just puurrrty), and this is an RPG journal. No sueing, YAY.]